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Extensive travel industry related experience
The GranIT Solutions team draws on 20 years experience of travel industry-related software design, system development, website design and computer networking. We have designed and installed tailor-made systems for some of the best-known names Tourism and Hospitality in the business; across Africa and in Europe.

GranIT Safari Software

GranIT Safari Software is a software product that manages the tour operator's business processes. The system has the ability to handle groups, F.I.T's, packages, Fly-Drive packages. GranIT Safari Software is the only software that does mileage.

GranIT Safari Software is currently being used by a total of 30 tour operators in Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar.

The software is in English and French. Presentation can be generated in both languages.

The software is delivered with a comprehensive database of all mileage in Kenya and Tanzania, description and photos of more than 500 suppliers in Kenya and Tanzania and description and photos of over 80 regions.

Staff training and long-term support
Our services do not end with the design and installation of the system; we are also skilled in project-defined staff training programmes, rapid-response trouble-shooting and long-term support systems.

Constant improvement and innovation
Software development is a dynamic process; it never stands still. Not only are we constantly refining our software and adapting it to meet the changing demands of fast-developing industry, but we also believe in sharing our innovations with existing clients.

Developing solutions in Africa, for Africa
We’ve been offering IT services in software and web design in Africa since 1991, so we bring 20 years of experience to the task of developing African solutions for African problems.

The right tools for the job
We specialize in the use of case tools windev and webdev (using 5th generation W-language written in Object Oriented Programming), Macromedia dreamweaver and flash using html and Javascript.

Bi-lingual in English and French: text-writing services offered
We are at home in both English and French. We also work with a professional copywriter, who has written travel-related copy and websites for some of the best-known names in the business.

Our clients
We draw on extensive experience gained from working with such company as;
UST Universal Safari Tours.
Our current clients include:Leopard Tours , Liberty Africa Safaris, African Horizons, Kobo Safaris, Utalii College....(click to see more client)

What our clients say about us

  • ‘Safari Software is fantastic’.
  • ‘It has revolutionized our operations department.’
  • ‘With Safari Software we’ve reduced our response times to as little as 10 minutes. ‘
  • ‘It’s user-friendly, yet complex enough to deliver optimum options and endless possibilities.’
  • ‘We spent a year investigating all the products available around the world – and this one is the only one that is made in Africa for Africa and it’s the only one that does what we need without making us change our operating procedures to suit the software’.
  • ‘It’s the only software package that does mileage!’


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