In the safari Business ?

So are we

AT GranIT Solutions we specialize in

Specialist software for the travel industry

Developed in Africa, for African users

Dedicated website design

Works in Africa: for Africa

Superb safari images

Make your message come alive – show it how it is

About us

The GranIT Solutions team draws on 30 years experience of travel industry-related software design, system development, website design and computer networking.
We have designed and installed tailor-made systems for some of the best-known names Tourism and Hospitality in the business; across Africa and in Europe.

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Customer reviews

‘Safari Software is fantastic’.
‘It has revolutionized our operations department.’
‘It’s the only software package that does mileage!
‘We can generate beautiful Presentation with images and details itinerary on a map’

Liberty Africa

‘With Safari Software we’ve reduced our response times to as little as 10 minutes. ‘
‘It’s user-friendly,
yet complex enough to deliver optimum options and endless possibilities.’

Tamana Tours

‘We spent a year investigating all the products available around the world – and this one is the only one that is made in Africa for Africa and it’s the only one that does what we need without making us change our operating procedures to suit the software’.​

Africans Horizons